An extraordinary vacation raises extraordinary questions.

To make sure you don’t arrive at the starting port without a plan, we will answer the most frequently asked questions here. If you have any further questions, you can always contact us through our channels. We are happy to help you!

Pirates of Paradise is the sailing vacation for all those who like to be active, want to experience something and meet new people instead of lying on their lazy skin in an all-inclusive hotel for a week. It doesn’t matter if you have sailing experience or not. All trips benefit from our experience, which we have continuously expanded since 2015. We spend an unforgettable time together on board and sail you to the most beautiful spots of the respective region.

During the day, we explore various bays, islands, cliffs, caves and harbors in beautiful sunshine – if possible with corresponding restaurant visits. Occasionally we spot luminescent plankton or dolphins in the water. At night you sleep under even more beautiful starry sky. The focus is always on the sense of community. Be aware that sailing also requires team spirit. We go hand in hand. The team works together while sailing, anchoring and at the stove and the team keeps the boat clean. We cook, laugh and dance together – but don’t worry: there’s also plenty of room for quiet time alone.

Whether you come alone, with your partner or with friends – you can be sure that you will feel at home on board. Our team and all our fellow travelers are united by the desire to experience something and have a great time together.
We set sail on our trips with our own sailing boat – called SAILORMOON. If an individual trip is particularly popular, we may also charter additional boats from long-standing partners. The group size is deliberately kept manageable. This means that the number of boats on a trip is always limited to a maximum of 3, ensuring that we all disembark as a family at the end.

To ensure that your unforgettable vacation is also captured in pictures, we usually have photographers on board.

We leave this decision entirely up to you. Travel by plane or by road trip. We regularly form groups for our trips that travel by car,  by road trip, which you can join.
The only thing that matters is that you get to the starting port on time on Saturday.

Our tip: Come a few days earlier and discover the mainland while you’re there.

Vegan lifestyle and a memorable vacation? With us, nothing stands in the way. We cook vegan food on our yachts. During our joint restaurant visits ashore, you’ll have the chance to enjoy local dishes. So if you eat milk products, eggs or meat, you won’t miss out on land either.

A few weeks before the trip you will be invited to join a WhatsApp group where all fellow travelers are organized. There you will be kept up to date. For example, about where exactly check-in takes place at the starting port.

The actual check-in always starts on the respective Saturday of the trip. At our respective meeting point you register and can first lean back or browse through our merch.

As soon as all guests arrive, we do a welcome in the whole group and explain again in brief what is to be observed during the week. Any remaining questions will of course be clarified.

We then load the boats together and, if everything goes smoothly, we sail off into the first bay that same evening.

The trips are always individually tailored to the destination. Feel free to check out the individual routes on each trip’s page. There you can get a good idea of where each trip is going and what the focus of each trip is. In addition, it should be said: If the weather does not play along, we will adjust our route if necessary. At the same time, safe havens are always close at hand, just in case!

Our tip: Let yourself be surprised. We always conjure up a route with special stops for each country.

Included is of course your sleeping place on board, as well as bed linen and towels. The price of the trip covers all costs related to the boat – the yacht, skipper:in and his/her board, dinghy, deposits and fuel. Also included are any fees for entering nature reserves and tourism taxes. The excursions that we announce on the pages of the respective trips are also part of the trip price – and you can look forward to an unforgettable pizza evening with the whole crew.

New this year: meals on board are also included. This means that, as usual, no additional cash on board is required.

You only pay for your own travel and personal expenses, such as shore visits.

So you pay your own expenses when you visit restaurants, as well as the souvenirs you bring back to your friends from your vacation.

PS: Alcohol is also not included, you can buy this on site in the supermarket if you wish.

Unfortunately, we do not offer travel cancellation insurance. This may be part of your credit card contract.

If you cancel, the following cancellation fees generally apply:


  1. From the day of booking until 61 days before the first day of the event – 50%.
  2. Within 60 days before the first day of the event – 100%.

YACHT BOOKINGS (Your group booked a whole yacht)

  1. From the day of booking until 61 days before the first day of the event – 30%.
  2. Within 60 to 35 days before the first day of the event – 50%.
  3. Within 34 days before the first day of the event – 100%.

Important: If you have only paid a deposit so far, you may still have to pay in the event of cancellation, because the deposit is usually 30% and cabin bookings start at 50% cancellation costs. Therefore, travel cancellation + interruption insurance often makes sense. You can find these online at the Alliance, among others. You can find out more about trip interruption in our general travel conditions.

All our trips take place with our own boat SAILORMOON. This ship is exceptionally well equipped, has a huge feel-good factor on board and has already written many summer stories. 

If individual trips take place with more than one boat, you may be accommodated on one of our charter yachts, depending on the time of your booking. In this case, this will be displayed when you book. We only hire these boats from our long-standing partners and they are in no way inferior to the SAILORMOON. Regardless of the boat you stay on, the skippers are always members of our team.

Our boat and, as a rule, all other boats are designed in such a way that almost all cabins offer space for 2 people. If you come with someone, we’ll divide you up together. If you come alone, you are welcome to let us know your wishes in advance. Accordingly, even if there are several boats, we try not to separate groups that have arrived together.

About a week before the start of the trip we have the final allocation.

Good to know: Alternatively, there are a few places on deck – including a hammock under the stars, which you can use next to your cabin.

Very few of our guests have to deal with seasickness. You can see how much swell to expect on our trips on the page of each trip. This way you can also consciously choose a trip where things are calmer. If you don’t feel so well on site, the crew is there for you and will help you with tips and tricks, as well as one or the other medicine.

There are several toilets and showers on board. The bathing platform and/or the stern of the boat can also be used to wash yourself with the shower spray available there. Be sure that during our trip we will visit several harbors and/or places where more well-built sanitary facilities are available. This gives you the chance to take a little more time for your personal hygiene if necessary.

We set sail on our trips in a fleet of a maximum of 3 sailing yachts, each with space for 8-12 people. An integral part of every trip is our own boat – the SAILORMOON. On the boats there are 4-6 sleeping cabins for the guests, 2-3 toilets and showers and a common room with kitchen. There you will find a stove and an oven, as well as coffee makers and other utensils that will sweeten your vacation.

Outside, you’ll find a spacious deck where you can sunbathe and a seating area where you can make yourself comfortable and share dinner with your crew.

Behind this area you will find the bathing platform from which you can jump into the water.

In addition, we have a motorized dinghy on board, which we can use to go ashore or make excursions to caves and bays.

You need your summer outfit, swimsuit and for possible fresh evenings loose pants and a loose sweater.

There is no way around a bathing suit or bikini and sunglasses, that’s for sure! Otherwise, you will need summer clothes of your choice and sturdy shoes for outings. Feel free to pack some headgear, too.

Remember essentials like your toothbrush and toothpaste. Shower gel and shampoo should also be a matter of course, these are welcome to be sustainable and biodegradable!

Don’t forget your documents, such as your ID card and personal medications.

We have a small hairdryer on board. Towels are also provided for you on board. Like to use a bag instead of a suitcase so we can save space.

Download packing list

In the rare event of a storm, we head for a safe harbor that we are always close to. Our skippers receive the weather data in real time via satellite and are therefore always up to date.

One of our experienced sailors (skipper) is always on board. They maneuver the sailing yachts and give instructions on how to help. We make sure they fit the particular group on board.
You do not have to cater for the skipper. We are responsible for this.

They sleep in their own crew cabin and therefore don’t take up any space.

They eat with you, we cover their costs. So you don’t have to pay for it.

If there are more official travel warnings from the Foreign Office for the respective area, we always try to find a joint solution.

In the extremely rare cases of unavoidable cancellations, we rely on the voucher solution and convert your trip into a voucher for a trip in subsequent years. Corona has recently shown us that event organizers need to be flexible, and we are for you.

If you still have questions, feel free to write us.

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