The Pirates


the human sailing company

As long as humanity connects us, it doesn’t matter what separates us.

And so, since day one, everything has revolved around you and us. It was never about becoming the biggest travel company in the world because our journeys are authentic – and have remained so. We live in the moment with you, staying true to ourselves. Since our inception, we’ve remained independent, without investors or sponsors. This is how we want our journeys to continue, evolving into what they are today. Like family, like friends. It’s what brought us together in the beginning and remains our guiding principle today.


True tolerance encompasses all, even the devil. Yet, within our realm, there’s simply no space for such darkness. Yet, within our realm, there’s simply no space for such darkness.

Your background or sexual orientation inspire us. Bullies become the victims, and any form of discrimination serves as the cornerstone for us to do better. We want you to feel at home on board and expand all our horizons. Shine brightly in the colors you choose to shine.

Group feeling

The sailboat is our tool, our essence.

For millennia, it has connected people, and it will connect you too. Perhaps with the sea, but certainly with us and those who share the same moment with you. However, even the finest sailboat never leaves the safe harbor without teamwork, and all those breathtaking stories remain unwritten. Embrace collaboration, and you’ll receive it back twice as beautiful.


Nature is everything without us, but we are nothing without nature.

Our trips benefit immensely from Mother Nature. The almost romantic notion that our descendants can still experience sunsets like you do with us drives us forward. Sailing is a form of travel that enables environmentally friendly exploration of destinations. However, that alone does not guarantee future generations the chance to feel the fresh sea air and dive into natural schools of fish. That’s why sustainability is a fundamental part of our philosophy.

Creativity and freedom

Great freedom brings even greater opportunities.

It’s important to us that you can fully express yourself on board. For years, we’ve collaborated with a handful of photographers and videographers who share our values and visual styles as inspiration. Born from a creative environment, this component is now an integral part of who we are. Let yourself be enchanted and grow beyond your limits, whether creatively or personally. We’ll provide the right setting with fairy lights, bonfires, music, and Pirate’s mobile pizzeria on the beach. Everything else happens naturally, just let it flow. We strive to be both wild and mature at the same time, yet still the travel provider for everyone.

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Pirates of Paradise
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Pirates of Paradise
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Tel.:+49 5245 83 83 0