Summer marks the beginning of a new era for us!

This year, we’re setting sail through Europe for the first time on our very own sailboat. It’s been lovingly furnished and ready to go on unforgettable adventures with you, conquering the oceans along the way.

Offering 27 magical destinations, for you, for us, for everyone.

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You have discovered Pirates of Paradise

When the sea breeze kisses your skin, the Mediterranean sun caresses you gently, and you drift off to sleep beneath the stars, in a hammock. You realize: This is your place, your sanctuary, where you’ll linger and thrive.

And you find yourself fallin inlove

with the fun crew on board. With those who have set off this adventure with you and were still strangers just before. With this colorful crowd that shares one desire: to experience something, together with you!

The Pirates philosophy

We created a paradise for ourselves when we decided that everyone should experience this sailing adventure in 2015. Our idea: Human and familial sailing trips, also for boat novices.

Since the beginning, the interest and the pirates family is growing.

Pirates Trips

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Pirates Merch

Whether worn on board, or in the middle of Berlin. Created with love and in  collaboration with tattooartists and illustrators, who have been inspired on our travels. Fairtrade and refined in Germany.

Merch that doesn’t look like merch. Wear it everywhere.

You still have questions?

Surely this is all new to you and you still have some questions

Pirates of Paradise is the sailing vacation for all those who like to be active, experience something and meet new people instead of lying on their lazy skin for a week in an all-inclusive hotel! It doesn’t matter if you have sailing experience or not. All trips benefit from our on our experience, which we have steadily expanded since 2015. We spend an unforgettable time together on board and sail you to the most beautiful spots of the respective region.

The trips are always individually tailored to the destination. Feel free to check out the individual routes on each trip’s page. There you can get a good idea of where each trip is going and what the focus of each trip is. In addition, it should be said: If the weather does not play along, we will adjust our route if necessary. At the same time, safe havens are always close at hand, just in case!

Your sleeping place on board is of course included, as well as bed linen, towels and meals*. The price of the trip covers all costs related to the boat – the yacht, skipper:in and his/her board, dinghy, deposits and fuel.

Also included are any fees for entering nature reserves and tourism taxes.

The excursions we announce on the pages of each trip are also part of the trip price – and you can look forward to an unforgettable pizza night with the whole crew!

*We have all the ingredients on board and plan dishes that we cook together with you.

You only pay for your own travel and personal expenses, for example when visiting restaurants or souvenir stores on land. Catering on board is provided by us, with the exception of alcohol.

We leave that decision up to you! Travel by plane or by road trip. For our trips there are always groups arriving by car, which you can join.
The only thing that matters is that you get to the starting port on time on Saturday.

Our tip: Come a few days earlier and discover the mainland while you’re there.

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