The best job in the world?

From skipper to photographer to seasonal helper we always need active support. Drop us a line if you think you have qualifications that could help us both.

We are still looking for skippers (min SKS) with several years of experience for our trips. You can send your loosely typed application to Just write us a few lines about yourself and we’ll see what we can offer you. The payment is the same for all skippers and will be communicated to you in a personal meeting.

You want to join us as an Influencer (10k IG) or Photographer on one of our trips? We do this against payment of your travel price (excl. flight & meals). We can tell you if you’re a good fit for Pirates after you submit your application. We get a lot of requests here every year, so come up with something good. Application to

Seasonal helpers are unpaid and Pirates will cover all expenses such as room and board for you. The prerequisite is that you convince us that you are the right person for the job. Coming along by the week is not possible. We are only looking for people to help out for the whole season (Jun-Oct). The job is an offer for e.g. pupils and students who are doing a gap year. You may be land team at times and have 1-2 week off while the trip is going on. For the time we will provide you with accommodation. Application to

If you still have questions, feel free to write us.

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Pirates of Paradise
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Tel.:+49 5245 83 83 0