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We claim there’s a perfect route for everyone with us. Simply click through our trips and take your time exploring. Which trip suits you?

One thing’s for sure: Each trip has its own unique adventures.

Good to Know: We don’t hide any costs. With us, you don’t pay for the crew’s meals or ports, as is done elsewhere. Pirates covers everything ‚Äď except for restaurant visits and your own transportation to the starting point. This way, you avoid unpleasant surprises and always stay in control of your expenses.

During booking

When booking, you can specify your preferred dietary preferences or allergies. Additionally, you can let us know who you’d like to share your cabin with. If you’re traveling alone, you can indicate whether it’s important for you to share a cabin with a woman or a man.

Immediately after, you’ll pay 30% of the trip price to confirm your booking.

By the way: Don’t hesitate to book alone. You’ll experience a lot and meet many wonderful people!

After booking

You can pay the remaining 70% at any time, but no later than six weeks before the trip begins. Simply log into your customer account and confirm the payment. Don’t worry, we’ll remind you again before the final payment deadline.

A few weeks before the trip begins, you’ll be added to the WhatsApp group for the trip. There, you can coordinate with other travelers regarding shared transportation options, such as a road trip. Additionally, you’ll receive all further information through this channel.

You can also take a look at our packing list for your travel suitcase now.

Good to know: You can already ask us your questions via WhatsApp today, even without booking.

Shortly before the trip (board cash)

We will send you a link to pay the 150 euros for your meals. The whole thing is called board cash. This income does not benefit us, but is necessary to cover the catering on board and restaurant visits. You don’t have to worry about anything in this regard. All expenses are logged – both for purchases and for your individual restaurant orders. We divide the cost of food purchases equally among all fellow travelers. Alcohol only pays who also drinks alcohol. If you have paid too much, you get a refund; if you have paid too little, you have to pay extra.

Before you think “What, 150 euros extra?“: The onboard cash covers the cost of your meals. You basically only pay what you would pay at home in the supermarket. At home you save it and instead it accrues in the vacation country. Doesn’t sound so bad now, does it?

Travel start / check-in

On the day of the trip’s start at the latest, we’ll communicate to you the exact location in the starting port where we’ll conduct check-in. You’ll arrive at our mobile travel center, sign in, and can relax or browse through our merchandise. While you have the chance to personally connect with your fellow travelers for the first time, our team takes care of the big weekly grocery shopping for you. Once the team completes the shopping and boat inspections, we load the boats together with the purchased groceries and then board. After the safety briefing is completed, we set sail together, embarking on our journey into the sunset for days full of experiences.

During the week

You’re about to dive into an exhilarating week, filled with countless amazing memories. After a brief training session, you’ll have the opportunity to navigate the small motorboat yourself, exploring the land with your new friends. With a hefty dose of teamwork, we’ll take charge of the galley onboard every day as a crew. We regularly visit restaurants on the mainland. Each day starts with our famous ‘Slow Mornings,’ meaning: sleep in, time to splash around, and a hearty breakfast. The crew takes care of the sailing for you, and they’re always happy to have you lend a hand or even teach you a bit about sailing. Onboard, we have our photographers capturing wonderful memories for you. We hope you love nature as much as we do because our goal is to spend every evening sleeping in secluded coves. ūüíõ

After the week

After your vacation, we will send you and your fellow travelers the links to your vacation photos via the WhatsApp group. The photographers usually need 2 weeks to work on the captured memories. Please understand that photographic support may not be available on board for every trip. This is not part of our travel service, but rather volunteering on the part of the photographers.

Any questions?

If you have any questions, just check out our FAQ or feel free to write us.

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