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Tuscany Route

Tuscany Route

A dive into the emerald-green waters and you awaken. It’s not a dream, we’re really here. We’re in paradise. Arriving in Tuscany, we let ourselves be carried away by this romantic vibe. It’s summer, we’re in Italy, lounging in the shade of the sails. The wind guides us in the right direction, and we savor the gentle breeze blowing over us. Endless horizons, golden beaches, crystal-clear water, granite cliffs, and us, amidst the Mediterranean vegetation. What’s special: the entire island is a protected natural reserve, and the sea surrounding us is teeming with coral and fish – perfect for snorkeling. Perfect for explorers. Perfect for mermaids. This trip is new for us too, and we’re excited to see what we’ll experience and discover together.

We’ll turn every day into a new adventure, exploring mountain villages and terraces, seeking out the most beautiful beaches and highest cliffs, and savoring the scents and flavors of Italy. We’re vacationing in Italy! Grazie!

Come along, let’s discover paradise.

Sea state

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The nature on our trips is always stunning, but some trips offer more focus on nature than others.


Incredible experiences never come amiss with us. Some trips are more relaxed, while others provide a lot of action, e.g. in nature.

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The scale indicates whether a trip is more suitable for quiet contemporaries or whether more partying is to be expected. Don't worry, with us it's not like on the Ballermann.

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What you should know


We have all the ingredients on board and plan dishes that we cook together with you.

This is what Pirates stands for

Individual travel

Those who know us know that we focus on quality instead of quantity. For us, it's the person behind every booking that counts! With us, small group sizes instead of mass tourism are the order of the day.

Group feeling

As a small organizer, this is our hobbyhorse. Pizza nights, road trips, night hikes, funny stories. Be prepared for teamwork on board and shared experiences that you won't soon forget!


It is important to us that every guest feels comfortable on board, regardless of their origin or sexual orientation. Therefore, for us it is quite clear: There is no place for racism, sexism, homophobia or discrimination of any kind!


We care about nature! We design our trips to be as environmentally friendly as possible. Our focus is on protecting the sea - we let ourselves drift with the wind, rely on environmentally friendly soaps and avoid unnecessary waste. Our merch is fair trade - even our web host is green!

Vegan Friendly

Vegan lifestyle and a memorable vacation? With us, nothing stands in the way! Vegan cooking is available on our yachts. You are vegetarian and do not want to give up cheese, for example? Don't worry, for you we also have vegetarian food on board. And during our joint our restaurant visits ashore you will have the chance to enjoy local dishes. So if you eat meat, you won't miss out either!

Creativity and freedom

We are hungry for adventure and want to experience something. Freedom and creativity have been driving Pirates of Paradise since day 1. With us you can live your life to the fullest!


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